DENVER (CBS4)- Hold on tight! Wind started kicking up across Denver and the Front Range Friday afternoon as the snow started to wind down. Some gusts popped up above 40 mph briefly sending wind chills into the 20s and teens.

Credit CBS4 Wind gusts Friday afternoon.

The northern Front Range Mountains and Foothills will be rocked with strong winds that may reach hurricane force in some spots this weekend! With our first big snowstorm moving out we have high pressure moving east from California. Colorado will get squeezed in the middle for Saturday and most of Sunday. Along with that a strong jet stream overhead will divide the to air masses.

Credit CBS4

There is a High Wind Warning in place for the Front Range Mountains and Foothills for wind gusts up to 80 mph over the weekend! Anything from 74 mph on up is hurricane force!

Credit CBS4

This will set the stage for strong winds thru the weekend in a few ski areas from Summit county up through Winter Park and beyond. Where wind chill temperatures could be below zero. Great snow with cold temps will rule the weekend!

First Alert Meteorologist Dave Aguilera