By Jesse Sarles

UPDATE: Ducks Covered In Fuel Remain In Critical Condition In Douglas County

(CBS4) – Crews in the southern part of the Denver metro area tasked with cleaning up after a highway fuel spill on Friday found two ducks in a nearby stream that were covered with diesel. A tanker truck had rolled over in snowy morning conditions on the westbound C-470 offramp to Santa Fe Drive and the fuel it was carrying spilled out. The fuel leak continued for an extended period before it could be stopped.

The ducks had to be washed off with soap and water. Firefighters were assisted by troopers from the Colorado State Patrol in that effort, and wildlife officers were called in to help out as well.

(credit: South Metro Fire)

In a video shared by South Metro Fire on Twitter, the ducks appear to be taking all the emergency attention without too much complaint.

After their cleaning, firefighters placed the ducks in animal carriers.

No humans were hurt in the rollover crash. A closure of the offramp afterwards lasted through the morning and into Friday afternoon.

Jesse Sarles