By Marissa Armas

DENVER (CBS4) — In recent weeks, Colorado health experts have seen a big interest in Coloradans wanting to get their booster shots. Doctors said most of the interest is coming from people who are already vaccinated, and not from those who are unvaccinated, and want to start the series of COVID-19 vaccines.

“More and more people are getting their boosters shots, they’ve certainly been encouraged to do so,” said Dr. James Neid, an infectious disease physician at the Medical Center of Aurora. “As the pandemic continues to smolder or worsen, I think the need for boosters increases and in fact, that’s what the recommendations are suggesting.”

According to data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as of Dec. 2, there are over 1,065,996 eligible people in the state who’ve gotten their booster shot. Colorado has over 1,700 providers administering vaccines and boosters — one of those sites is Denver Health.

“It looks like at Denver Health we’ve probably given in a range of 12,000 boosters, to patients that are Denver Health patients,” said Dr. David Wyles, a chief at the Division of Infectious Diseases at Denver Health Medical Center said.

Wyles and Neid both said it’s too earlier to determine whether people are getting the booster because of the new omicron variant, but they say the best way to fight off the omicron variant or any variant, is to get vaccinated. The doctors said the biggest threat currently is still those who are unvaccinated.

“We don’t know that this is going to be less severe certainly, and I think the vaccines are probably still going to protect people, even if it can’t neutralize or protect them from being infected, so for all of the reasons we already discussed, either go out and get your initial vaccine series if you haven’t been vaccinated or get that booster,” Wyles said.

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Wyles said he’s hearing from some patients that it’s been hard for them to find an appointment to get a booster shot. To book an appointment for a booster shot, visit:

Marissa Armas