By Anica Padilla

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CB4) — At least three teenage girls reported being grabbed by men in Fort Collins in the past few months.

(credit: CBS)

The first happened on Aug. 21 at Overland Park. A teen girl was walking by herself when a man refused to leave her alone and grabbed her wrist. She pepper sprayed him — and ran.

On Oct. 13, another girl went out to her car in a parking lot at West Drake Road and Dunbar Avenue. An unknown man grabbed her from behind. She pulled away, but was grabbed again — before she fought him off and escaped.

A third girl reported an got away on Nov. 23. She was jogging outside the Edora Pool Ice Center when a man came out from behind a bush and grabbed her wrist. She kicked him and ran into the building.

Police say there are similarities but no evidence to connect these three incidents.

They want the community to be aware.

“Stay safe… And report any information on these cases,” investigators stated.

Anica Padilla