By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – Officials in Douglas County are warning drivers this week about the dangers of not paying attention to cyclists. The sheriff’s office released a video on Monday that they say didn’t result in any legal action, but presents an important lesson.

The video was recorded last week from a camera on the cyclist’s bike, and the sheriff’s office says it was a “totally avoidable” situation. It shows the bicycle moving away from the shoulder on the right in a residential area and getting ready to make a left turn. It’s not seen on the video, but the sheriff’s office says the cyclist motioned with a hand signal that they were planning to turn left. Then suddenly a vehicle comes from behind the bicycle and quickly passes it as it goes into the oncoming lane, nearly colliding with the bike.

Deputies caught up with the driver after the cyclist showed it to their department and stated “when (the driver) was shown the video, she agreed that her actions were very dangerous.”

“The deputies reiterated the rules of the road for drivers and cyclists and emphasized that being in a hurry is no excuse for dangerous and illegal driving,” they wrote in a post on Facebook. “Please take a breath and share the road with everyone.”

Jesse Sarles