By Marissa Armas

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Moments before community leaders and faith-based organizations were preparing to gather in Aurora to address the youth gun violence plaguing the city, another shooting happened at Hinkley High School, leaving three students injured. An earlier shooting this week happened on Monday at Nome Park that left 6 Aurora Central High School students injured.

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“The news of two more kids shot at Hinkley?,” said Reid Hettich, the pastor at the Mosaic Church of Aurora. “I’m just sort of stunned, is probably the best response I have, but makes us even more determined, that we are going to work together.”

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On Friday, community leaders said it’s time for parents to take action because enough is enough. Leaders are asking parents to step up, and be proactive, because they say this week’s school shootings at Hinkley and Aurora Central high schools, show that what everyone is doing is not working.

“It’s time for us to pay closer attention to our youth, whether they are our kids, our neighbors, or our family members,” said Christina Amparan, the city of Aurora’s Youth Violence Prevention program manager.

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A mother at the rally was in tears, saying her daughter’s friends were injured in Monday’s shooting.

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“I’m not going to wait until they kill my kids,” the mom said in Spanish. “I’m also not going to opt into taking my kids out of school, because they have the right to an education, but if we don’t do anything, if we don’t move, we’re not going to change anything. Are we just going to wait until they kill our kids?”

Mayor Aurora, Mike Coffman, said the government is failing at addressing the problems.

“Everybody in government is responsible, I mean everybody in this community bears some responsibility,” Coffman said. “So I think we need to come together as a whole government approach. With faith leaders, with government leaders, with educators, with non-profit leaders, and at the local and state levels as well, and figure out a way to navigate a way out of this.”

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Leaders said a lot of the youth gun violence crosses over, so Aurora is working closely with the City of Denver to address the problems, meaning they’ll be sharing resources and other services. Amparan said in the past many community groups have worked independently, but now they’re planning on working collectively to address these issues.

Marissa Armas