By Anica Padilla

(CBS4) — Colorado is ranked among the top five worst states for drivers, according to a new report from Per the report, Colorado ranked among the worst due to high gas prices and auto insurance costs.

(credit: CBS)

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“Colorado is one of the top ten worst states for drivers in terms of cost. Drivers in the state contend with high gas prices and auto insurance costs, with full coverage car insurance premiums averaging $342 more per year than the national average,” the report stated. “Colorado drivers also deal with poor road quality and a higher level of urbanized congestion than the national average.”

To find the best and worst states for drivers, Bankrate’s team analyzed diverse datasets covering cost, safety, driving quality and weather in each state, the website states.

California took the top spot for states with the worst drivers — mostly because of how costly it is, from high gas prices to expensive repairs. Also, California has one of the longest commute times in America.

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California was followed by Louisiana, Maryland, Rhode Island and Colorado.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ohio was ranked the best state for drivers.

“Our pick for the best state for drivers is Ohio, which boasts low gas and car insurance prices and high rates of seatbelt use,” the authors stated.

Ohio was followed by Iowa, Utah, Indiana and Idaho.

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“We found that, overall, the best states for drivers are generally found in the Midwest,” researchers wrote.

Anica Padilla