LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – One of the daughters of 81-year-old Gail Wilson told CBS4 she is shocked and heartbroken to find out that one of her relatives is allegedly involved in the murder of her dad. On Friday, police said they arrested 35-year-old Ricardo Gonzalez Perez and 24-year-old Savannah Wilson for the victim’s murder.

Police are still looking for Gail’s body.

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Gail Wilson

(credit: Gail Wilson Family)

Katelyn Anton, who lives in Montana, said she and Savannah are Gail’s adopted daughters, but biologically Savannah is his great niece. Lakewood Police Agent Lindsay Jones confirmed with CBS4 that Savannah is Gail’s daughter.

In a Facebook post posted by Savannah on Nov. 3, she also refers to Gail as “dad.” Anton said she never would of thought this could happen.

“How could someone do something so horrific to such a kind person and to family?,” said Anton. “Every family has arguments and disagreements, but if I was asked if I thought if anyone would ever do this, my answer would be no, I never seen this coming.”

Anton said Savannah and the other suspect, Gonzalez Perez, are in a relationship.

“I met him at my mom’s memorial. He made me uncomfortable, but I don’t have any experience with him,” she said.

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(credit: Lakewood Police)

Anton said her father was a foster parent to several kids over the years, and he adopted or took in many of her siblings. She said he is the type of man who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it, which she believes is likely why the couple took advantage of him.

“The only thing I can think of is control, anger, jealously, taking what they want,” Anton said.

Anton is now choosing to remember her dad for how he lived, as a grandpa to her kids, rather than the way he died.

“A hero, a core strength in the community,” said Anton. “I love him more than anyone in the whole world, and I don’t ever want to let him go, and that I miss him, and I just want him back.”

Both suspects are being held at the Jefferson County Jail on charges. Gonzalez Perez is being held on suspicion of first degree murder, and Savannah is being held on suspicion of accessory to first degree murder.

Currently police are trying to trace back the different locations of where the red pick-up truck was on Oct. 31 between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to hopefully find Gail’s body. They are searching the area of 6th to Colfax Avenues and Broadway and York Street.

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Police are asking anyone with surveillance video of the truck to contact the Lakewood Police Department or call the tip line at 303-763-6800.

Marissa Armas