By Rob McClure

DENVER (CBS4) – A man doing work on the exterior of the Safeway distribution facility near Colorado Boulevard and Interstate 70 in Denver suffered burns after the self-powered lift he was operating came into contact with overhead electrical lines.

(credit: Denver Fire Department)

“He’s lucky to be alive,” said Denver Fire Capt. Greg Pixley, who says the man received significant third-degree burns in the incident on Friday.

(credit: Denver Fire Department)

Efforts to rescue the man were hampered as other nearby power lines remained energized while firefighters worked to remove the victim from his elevated position. Unable to move the disabled and charred lift under its own power, firefighters used a fire truck equipped with a winch to pull it away from danger and then a ladder truck to reach the victim. He was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and was receiving treatment. His condition is unknown.

(credit: Denver Fire Department)

Pixley noted the lines carried more voltage than one would find connected to a typical residence. There was “not a lot left’ of the victim’s clothing, describing it as “a pile of ash.”

Power in the area remained on with no service interruptions to the surrounding area.

It’s not clear what company the worker is employed by.