By Jesse Sarles

DENVER (CBS4)– Barr Lake State Park staff and employees from a Colorado power company installed new bald eagle nest baskets on Friday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife said they hope the birds reestablish a nest there after the tree where they usually nest was blown over.

(credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Wildlife officials installed three new baskets in view of the boardwalk gazebo at the state park.

The cottonwood tree where the birds usually nest blew over in April. Park staff found the nest destroyed and the two unborn eaglets in the water, still curled in the shape of their eggshells, but lifeless.

nest baskets

(credit: CBS)

The original nest basket was first installed at Barr Lake in 1986. Bald eagles return to and defend the same territory annually.

Half of Barr Lake State Park was set aside as a wildlife refuge in 1977.

“It could take a couple years maybe for it to be used. We don’t know,” said Barr Lake State Park Manager Michelle Seubert. “But we’re giving them the opportunity to nest in this area. And then at the same time it’s protected.”

nest baskets

(credit: CBS)

United Power provided the trucks used to put the nests back in the trees.

Jesse Sarles