By Jack Lowenstein

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Police Department and Denver Fire Department both responded to an apparent deadly shooting, and a car crash that started a fire at a home in the 8100 block of East Dartmouth Avenue in Denver Monday morning.

DPD confirmed, just after 6 a.m., a woman driving a car on Dartmouth was involved in a crash that started a fire at the home. Nearby neighbors pulled her from the vehicle, and she was later pronounced dead at the scene from a suspected gunshot wound. Police say the car she was in was registered to a nearby home, where police found a man injured from a gunshot.

On Monday afternoon, police say that man died in the hospital. They say both victims were in a relationship with each other.

Police originally tweeted officers responded to a death at the scene, and it was updated to a homicide investigation, the fire department said.

Copter4 was above the scene and showed two vehicles outside the home were damaged in the fire, where crews put out the flames. There was little fire damage to the actual home.

A neighbor told CBS4 he tried to help the woman who was killed. He said he woke up to as many as 10 gunshots fired from a few houses away. When he went outside, he says saw a car on fire and rushed over along with other neighbors. He helped pull the woman out of the burning car and noticed she had been shot in the face.

Firefighters said they were concerned during the response to the fire because they didn’t know if there was an active shooter in the area. There is no report of concern for public safety at this time.

DFD will work with police in the homicide investigation, while also working to determine the cause of the fire. Police are working to get a warrant for the home where the man with the gunshot wound was found.

This response is ongoing, and we will have updates. There is no further information at this time.

(credit: CBS)

Jack Lowenstein