By Danielle Chavira

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – The woman at the center of a controversial takedown in Fort Collins has died. The Fort Collins Police Services tells CBS4’s Dillon Thomas Cynthia Wales was hit by a car while walking through traffic and passed away at the hospital last weekend.

(credit: Fort Collins Police)

On Aug. 22, paramedics responded to a call for medical assistance at a Mennonite church. The woman involved reportedly became “disruptive” and a police officer was requested. The officer is seen on body camera and surveillance video approaching the woman as she raised her fist in a reportedly threatening way to the officer.

Chief Jeff Swobdoa says what happened next was justified and necessary.

“After a brief interaction, the officer used a trained takedown technique to safely take her into custody. Once in custody, she was transported by medical personnel to an area hospital for evaluation of the medical issue that prompted the initial call for service. No injuries were reported in connection with the arrest,” Swoboda released in a statement.

(credit: Fort Collins Police)

The pastor of the church, Steve Ramer, told CBS4 they recognized the woman was having a mental health emergency and when 911 was called, they specifically asked the police not be sent.

Ramer feels the officers who responded did not attempt to de-escalate the situation, stating “the officer’s actions were not what we expect from our police.”

Ramer eventually filed a complaint with the ACLU. It’s not clear the status of that complaint.

Fort Collins Police Services informed CBS4 that the internal affairs department will review the case.

Danielle Chavira