DENVER (CBS4) – If you are flying out of Denver International Airport there are some big changes in place now. The airport has been plagued recently by lack of parking and long security lines, but new measures have taken effect to try to ease those problems.

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The first thing you should know is the Pikes Peak shuttle lot is reopening, but on weekends only. You will be able to retrieve your vehicle during the week, but all who use the lot are being told to allow extra time due to lack of shuttle buses. Now, with changes in security screening checkpoints, you have to know your directions when you get to the terminal.

“Which way is north? Which is south?” CBS4’s Rick Sallinger asked one passenger from San Francisco.

“You got me on that I don’t know,” he replied.

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It helps to know because the south checkpoint is dedicated to standard or regular screening travelers. It also has a TSA PreCheck line and one for those with a Clear pass, which can be purchased.

PreCheck will soon be at the north end only.

The Clear pass is supposed to get you through more quickly, but those like Dena Gaddis of Lone Tree who have Clear and TSA PreCheck were being directed all the way to the other end of the terminal.

“Do you feel confused?” she was asked.

“So confused, and I travel here almost every week,” she answered.

Sallinger suggested she use the PreCheck right where she was at the south security checkpoint and she did, but it is now easier to get to the other end of the terminal with a construction wall removed.

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Jeff from Minnesota was obviously in a hurry.

“I got to get through security, and they told me to go this way and then to go this way.”

The north end security now has more TSA PreCheck lines, a standard line, a Clear line for those with PreCheck, a premium line and there’s supposed to be a line for those with only a purse or backpack, but not on this day.

CBS4 asked one woman who looked concerned, “Excuse me, what happened?”

“They sent me to the wrong security checkpoint.”

There is one other alternative. The bridge from the main terminal towards the A Concourse will take you to a smaller checkpoint for a standard or regular security check.

Good luck.

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