By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – Rep. Lauren Boebert shared a photo of her Halloween costume on social media on Sunday. She dressed up as Cruella De Vil, complete with a half a head of white hair.

Lauren Boebert Cruella De Vil

(credit: Lauren Boebert)

Boebert, a Republican who represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, shared a photo posing with law enforcement officers from Rio Blanco County with the costume on.

“Making sure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween, my darlings,” Boebert wrote in a post on Facebook.

Cruella De Vil is the villain from the movie 101 Dalmatians, but Boebert’s outfit mirrors that of Emma Stone in the new Disney origin movie Cruella. In it, Cruella wears a cane and no longer smokes from a cigarette holder.

While the posts on Twitter and Facebook drew a lot of politically charged comments from both sides of the aisle, one dog-owner on Twitter simply shared his reason why he didn’t like the costume.

Jesse Sarles