By Logan Smith

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A dog named Arlo found himself separated from his owners Saturday and was trampled by a moose on a trail near Frisco. Despite the efforts of rescuers and family members, the dog later passed away at an animal hospital.

(credit: Summit County Rescue Group/Facebook)

A Facebook post by the Summit County Rescue Group showed team members carrying Arlo on a litter to a vehicle. The dog was unresponsive but breathing by the time they reached him, SCRG stated in the post. Once off the trail, his owners transported Arlo to the animal hospital.

(credit: Summit County Rescue Group)

The incident occurred on the Masontown Loop Trail southwest of Frisco. Arlo went ahead of his owners on the trail, SCRG explained. Three moose then crossed the trail between the dog and his owners.

Arlo was trampled by one when he tried to return to his owners.

(credit: Summit County Rescue Group)

“(M)oose react to dogs as they would to wolves — one of their primary predators,” a page on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website reads. “Moose will often attack even the most gentle dog as if it were a wolf. … Unfortunately, the dog typically runs back to its owner bringing an angry, 1,000-pound moose back with it.”

Moose are a danger to both dogs and humans in the backcountry. They strike and stomp with their front hooves. If one is encountered and the hackles on its neck stand up, hikers should retreat as quickly as possible and separate themselves from the moose with an obstacle such as a tree or boulder.

(credit: Summit County Rescue Group)

Dogs are permitted on the Masontown Loop when leashed.

Logan Smith