By Marissa Armas

DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of people came together at the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Library on Oct. 16 for a Día de Los Muertos event. It’s the beginning of several different Dia de Los Muertos celebrations that are expected to happen in Denver and around the state.

Xavier Flores, 7, was one of several children who came out to the Calaveras workshop at the library to take part in the event. While he may be young, Flores knows the importance of the holiday.

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“My uncle died because he was working in the playa, but he died of smoke… he get sick,” said the 7 year old. “I want my uncle to come visit me and celebrate with me.”

Known as Day of the Dead in English, it’s a time for Mexicans and Latinos to celebrate and remember their loved ones who have died. From the skulls to the flowers, organizers of the event said it’s a celebration that’s rich in culture and tradition.

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“It’s very important because we grow up with these customs since we were little kids,” said Nadia Rendon, an organizer at the Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Branch Library. “Some places they have like big altars. Some other ones, we have different customs. We go to the cemetery and we have like a day with our loved ones who are no longer with us.”

While the holiday originated in Mexico, several other countries around the world celebrate it, including here in the United States.

“It’s really cool to see other people learn from our culture and then us, kind of learning more of our culture,” said Elva Parga, the president of MSU Denver’s Journey Through Our Heritage. “Some of us grow up not knowing the significance of it, until we’re a little older and we do our own research.”

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The event was put together in partnership with the Denver Public Library, Journey Through Our Heritage, and the Chicano Humanity Arts Council. Parga helped organize the event. She said it’s events like this that bring her closer to her heritage.

“So we don’t lose that touch with our roots,” said Parga.

While the official holiday is still a few weeks away, Flores said he’s looking forward to his uncle’s visit.

“I like it. I want my uncle to come,” he said.

Below is a list of Día De Los Muertos events across Colorado:

Marissa Armas