By Michael Spencer

DENVER (CBS4) – As the Broncos get set to host the Raiders on Sunday, Jon Gruden’s emails, which contained racist, homophobic and misogynistic language and led to his resignation earlier this week, were the topic of much discussion at Broncos practice on Wednesday.

“I just think there’s no place in the world, let alone our league, for the opinions that were expressed, and especially the words used to express those opinions. (The organization and I) are definitely against that. It was a bad situation,” said head coach Vic Fangio.

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Broncos safety Justin Simmons didn’t get into the specifics of the emails, but did say that the topic was being discussed inside the Broncos locker room.

(Credit: CBS)

“I won’t speak on Gruden because I don’t really know him all that well. I know Aqib (Talib) really well, and Aqib says it doesn’t really sound like the guy that I know that drafted me in Tampa,” said Simmons.

“We have the logos on the back of the helmets and in the back of the end zones. I think that’s why it’s important to have different cultures in those positions because you’re not getting it all from one set of any type of person. Obviously qualified—you’ve got to be qualified to be able to be in those positions. I think that’s why it’s important that you get different backgrounds, you get different opinions, and you get different things flowing in that aspect. So yeah, guys talk about it.”

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Simmons, who has been influential in speaking out about social justice issues was asked if he feels like progress is being made in regards to culture in the NFL workplace.

“Yeah, I think progress has been made. Would I say whether it’s good enough or not good enough? I won’t go into details about that. I’m a firm believer that as long as we’re taking steps in the right direction, that has to be positive.”

From a football perspective, the Raiders will have a new play caller on Sunday, but the Broncos don’t think that will have a major impact on the game or how they prepare during the week.

“Honestly, I don’t think they’ll change much in what they do. In terms of how the game is being called, and the flow of the game, it may change a little bit because Gruden was their play-caller. That’s just something that you get a feel for throughout the week. Obviously like any game, when it comes down to it in the game, if there are things that they’re doing that you haven’t seen, you go into halftime and you adjust or you come to the sideline and you adjust. That’s part of the game,” said Simmons.

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“Their offense, I’m sure, won’t change as far as schematically what they’re doing. Obviously, the new play caller will maybe zero in on some other stuff that maybe they haven’t used as much or majored in. They have a lot of personnel groups. It’ll be the same offense, but how it’s called and how its utilized will be different,” added Fangio.

Michael Spencer