By Jamie Leary

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4)Mark Redwine sat expressionless in the courtroom Friday, nervously shaking his knee back and forth as he awaited sentencing for the murder of his 13-year-old son, Dylan.

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La Plata Count Judge Jeffery Wilson handed down the maximum sentence of 48 years in prison and told Redwine he can’t remember a defendant who has, “shown such an utter lack of remorse for his actions.” Wilson sited that in addition to Redwine’s lack of remorse he continues to deny responsibility for the murder.

Prior to his sentencing, Redwine wrote that he believes he is, “innocent of all charges” that the accusations are “a miscarriage of justice” and that he will “stand against fake justice.” As Judge Wilson read these quotes back to Redwine on Friday, he reminded him that he has the right to appeal, but that the evidence against him was overwhelming.

Redwine declined to make any sort of remarks during the hearing but those he once called family made final statements. Dylan Redwine’s mother, Elaine Hall, along with Dylan’s brother Cory Redwine, and half-brother Brandon Redwine, all made statements. The common thread among them was that they would never call Mark “dad,” he would never meet his grandchildren and he would never be a part of their lives.

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“I’m just glad that we are free from you, and you will not be free to hurt us anymore,” said Hall.

They continued to reiterate the pain Redwine caused by allowing the lies to progress, allowing the community to worry and waste time and resources holding out hope they may one day find the missing 13-year-old.

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“I’m moving on, you know, it’s his life, that’s all on him now. Everything he’s done up to this point has just been to preserve himself and this is just another action of that,” said Cory Redwine.

Redwine’s attorneys made it clear they will appeal to a higher court but those involved in the case seem keen to move on. For Elaine Hall, her victim impact statement is the last time she plans to address her ex-husband.

“Honestly the last 9 years, just listening to all his lies and his silence, at this point it was more about you know, the peace I needed for myself and my family than any anger or resentment I have towards him. He can work that out for the next 48 years,” said Hall.

She hopes the sentence sends a broader message to abusers like Mark Redwine.

“Domestic violence is really prolific and it’s harming our children, it’s harming our communities, and so I hope this sends out a message to those who aren’t nice to their families and if Mark is the poster child for that, so be it.”

(credit: CBS)

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Redwine will have 41 days to file an appeal. Prosecutors say the process could drag on for years, but they are confident the guilty conviction will stand.

Jamie Leary