By Libby Smith

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Ballet is back on stage for the first time in 19-months with the hauntingly, beautiful “Giselle.” The classic ballet was on the calendar for 2020, but got postponed due to COVID. The company has been working on it for quite some time.

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“Last year, we taught the entire ballet to the company on zoom while they were in their 10 by 12 spaces, kitchens, living rooms, whatever. So we were bale to come back early August, come into the studio, start teaching it in-person, it’s a lot more fun that way,” said Gil Boggs, Artistic Director for Colorado Ballet.

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The choreography, the sets, the costumes, everything is coming together to make this production breathe-takingly beautiful.

“It’s one of our favorites, as dancers, to do,” said Yosvani Ramos, Principal Dancer at Colorado Ballet.

“It’s such a classic. Every ballerina, male dancer, they want to do this role. They want to attack the characters, and the whole love story,” said Dana Benton, Principal Dancer at Colorado Ballet.

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It’s a love story that turns into a tragedy. Giselle dies of a broken heart, and appears in the second act as a ghost. She is joined by the Willis, the spirits of other young women betrayed by their lovers. Dancing as a spirit takes an amazing amount of control.

“You almost have to feel like you’re in slow motion, a little bit. Everything is a lot softer. There’s no quick reactions to your muscles. Everything has to be softer and more flowy,” Benton explained.

“There are so many layers to the characters, the complexity of being human, of doing something wrong, and having to deal with the consequences of what you’ve done,” Ramos told CBS4.

LINK: For Tickets To Colorado Ballet’s “Giselle”

Colorado Ballet’s “Giselle” runs October 8th – October 17th at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

Libby Smith