By Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

DENVER (CBS) – With many of Colorado’s high temperatures set to reach record levels of heat, it might be hard for many to start thinking about the ski season. But up at the Loveland Ski Area, the trail crew has nothing but skiing on their minds!

The ski area fired up the snow guns this week. The crew is making sure everything is in working order to get the season started on the right foot. Right now temperatures are too warm to run the guns on a regular basis. The Loveland team is planning to start the snowmaking in October and said it typically takes about two weeks of good snowmaking to get the mountain open for skiers.

Loveland is shooting for a mid-October to early November open date. Last year at this time, Colorado got an early shot of snow to help speed up the process. This year is a whole different story as cold and snow has been replaced with record heat and smoke.

Last year, Loveland opened on Nov. 11. It is typically one of the first Colorado ski areas to open each year. A Basin is also a regular in the race to open first.

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Meteorologist Dave Aguilera