By Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

DENVER(CBS)- One sure sign that fall is right around the corner is when some of Colorado’s higher mountain roads close for the season. After Labor Day, on Sept. 6, the highest paved road in North America will have its upper section closed to motorized vehicle traffic. This is the road leading to the summit of Mount Evans.

Mount Evans

(credit: CBS)

The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is typically closed after Labor Day Weekend as mountain weather can get more winter-like from time to time. The bottom portion of the byway will remain open as conditions permit. That includes the Mount Goliath Interpretive Area and Summit Lake Park until October 3rd. If you plan a visit you need to make reservations in advance at

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This late in the season reservation prices have dropped down to $10. Annual and lifetime passholders also need to make reservations for a trip between now and October.

With the upper portion closed, visitors can still get to and park at Summit Lake and bike or walk to the summit if they chose. They just cannot drive all the way to the summit because of the possibility of weather change and dangerous conditions rapidly developing when that happens.

(credit: CBS)

The reservation system has been in place since the beginning of the summer for the byway. According to the managing partners of the road, (the USDA Forest Service, Denver Mountain Parks, and Colorado Department of Transportation), public feedback has been mostly positive.

With many visitors relaying that there has been less crowding and fewer parking issues on Mount Evans.

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera