DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado mother and her two daughters landed at Denver International Airport after waiting days to get out of Afghanistan. The three were reunited with their husband and father Sunday night.

Retired Army Col. Patrick Allen spoke with CBS4 about his efforts to get the family of his friend back home. The family’s father worked as an interpreter from the Marine Corps. and asked to be remain anonymous.

(credit: CBS)

The mother and daughters visited family in Afghanistan in May saying it might have been their last chance to do so.

They didn’t expect the Taliban to take control of the region so quickly after President Joe Biden announced American military forces were being pulled out.

“My two girls come to get inside, but I was on the outside…. They allowed me to go inside. It is a really bad, bad time,” said the mother.

The father described the agonizing experience of waiting.

(credit: CBS)

“I didn’t have a lot of means of communication. It way very hard. ‘Oh we’re coming in a few hours,’ and in a few hours people were calling me back, ‘the flight got delayed,’ or ‘they’re stuck inside the bus,’ or ‘stuck inside the airplane,’ but it was very hard, very long. I am happy it is over,” he said.

Both the father and mother say they have siblings and parents who are in hiding in the Middle Eastern country.

They are doing everything they can to bring them to the U.S. safely.

Danielle Chavira