By Rick Sallinger

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– A Boulder woman who has contracted COVID-19 twice is now trying to hang on to the home where she and her son live. Hannah Rice had COVID-19 last year and this year and now has what is called “long COVID” or a kind of brain fog.

(credit: Hannah Rice)

“I feel like I have the flu, I feel extremely fatigued, like my whole body is aching,” she said.

And those are just some of the symptoms. One might forgive her if she felt she was cursed.

After making it through COVID-19 last year and this spring, she now has one day to come up with proof of being able to pay nine months rent to get a new lease.

(credit: Hannah Rice)

“I’m the mom of a very sweet two-year-old boy, a single mom, and if I had to pick up and move I wouldn’t be able to do it myself,” she said.

That boy is Aran, now featured in a GoFundMe campaign called Han’s Hope to raise the rent money.

Hannah told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger, “Sometimes in the past few months I have been too sick to even read stories to him and that breaks my heart.”

Life has not been easy. Hannah already was suffering from a chronic disease affecting her immune system when she got COVID-19 in March of last year. She mostly recovered then got it again this year.

“I was a little astounded… I was shocked that I was reinfected after everything I went through last year,” said Hannah.

(credit: CBS)

She has not been able to do her work as a piano teacher and now finds herself in need of help. Her sister Kathyrn has been her best to assist, but the road ahead for Hannah and Aran appears to be rough.

Hannah says she is applying for federal rent assistance but is not sure that she qualifies.

Rick Sallinger