DENVER (CBS4) – The latest CDC guidance recommends children wear a mask, but doctors are also asking parents to re-evaluate crowded gatherings, particularly for kids who aren’t old enough to get the vaccine.

(credit: CBS)

“I’m still careful to not bring anything home, I was just starting to get comfortable with not wearing masks in stores,” Julia Murphy said.

The pandemic has kept Murphy and her immediate family close together, with few visits to restaurants or public outings. She’s mom to a 2-year-old boy.

“The thought of him getting sick, and getting a severe reaction,” she explained.

Her son is a big reason she’s been trying to follow all the rules to keep COVID at bay, but it’s also to help everyone else.

“I feel like we’re starting over at this point, I don’t feel that I’m protected, I don’t feel that he’s protected,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Reginald Washington at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children thinks it’s time to review safety protocols such as social distancing and being more proactive about hand cleaning.

“The most recent data shows that even if you’ve been vaccinated you could have this delta variant in your body in your nose and you can pass it on to others,” he said.

Studies don’t show that it’s more deadly, but much more contagious. Since children under 12 can’t get the vaccine, they basically depend on adults to get vaccinated.

“I think we’ll eventually reach herd immunity, and I think if most people in the community are vaccinated, they will not be able to pass the virus on,” Washington told CBS4.

Murphy worries that her son is losing out on social interactions, but at this point she has no choice but to play it safe.

“I hope that it doesn’t affect him too badly,” Murphy added.