ROCKY FORD, Colo. (CBS4) – Court documents released this week reveal disturbing new details about a woman who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured. It happened in Rocky Ford in 2017 but seven people were arrested earlier this month.

Arrest papers say in August 2017 the group blindfolded the woman and waterboarded her. They also say she was burned with a curling iron and called a snitch.

Investigators say the victim was then put in the back of a trunk handcuffed. The victim was able to hop out of the trunk on the highway before being able to go a nearby house for help.

The suspects are now facing charges of first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

The suspects in the case are as follows. Some are serving jail terms for unrelated crimes:

Hipolito Isaac Sanchez

Hipolito Isaac Sanchez (credit: CBI)

Leonard Trujillo

Leonard Trujillo (credit: CBI)

Kendra Thompson

Kendra Thompson (credit: CBI)

Leroy Osborne

Leroy Osborne (credit: CBI)

Jeremy Casias

Jeremy Casias (credit: CBI)

Cosme Flores

Cosme Flores (credit: CBI)

Jamie Harmon

Jamie Harmon (credit: CBI)

Jesse Sarles