LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Two American staples crossed paths on Wednesday as Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Air Force Thunderbirds team up to entertain thousands. The Thunderbirds performed at an airshow over Cheyenne, Wyoming as Frontier Days celebrates its 125th event.

(credit: CBS)

Due to construction at the airport in Cheyenne, the Thunderbirds are spending more than two days stationed out of the Loveland/Fort Collins airport near Interstate 25 in Larimer County. CBS4’s Dillon Thomas was invited to welcome the Thunderbirds at the airport as they arrived from their base in Nevada.

Six Thunderbird F-16 fighter jets flew in to the airport on Monday around 1 p.m. Upon arrival four of the Thunderbirds, in formation, released smoke as they flew over the runway. One at a time each Thunderbird pealed away to the sky, eventually circling back and landing one at a time.

(credit: CBS)

Major Michael Brewer, Thunderbird 4 Slot Pilot, told Thomas the Thunderbirds enjoy coming to the Rocky Mountains every year for the “Daddy of ‘Em All” in Wyoming.

“We love being at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We have been at the show every single year since the start of this team. So, to be able to be out here and perform for the folks around here is awesome for the entire team. We love this show every year,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

Stay tuned for more CBS4 access to the Thunderbirds and more from the interview with the pilots.

The Thunderbirds will head east for another airshow after completing their stint over Cheyenne.

Dillon Thomas