By Danielle Chavira

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – On the first day of Broncos Training Camp, Drew Lock shared what went through his mind when a tire and a lug nut came flying at his car on Interstate 70. The freak accident happened in early July when Lock and his girlfriend were traveling to his family’s home in Kansas City.

Drew Lock (credit: CBS)

Lock described to reporters at Broncos Headquarters in Englewood what happened as he was traveling east and another vehicle was heading in the opposite direction.

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“Their tire flew up in the air. I saw it come off their car. So, I was like ‘Okay, maybe I need to slow down,’ and then it starts coming into the grass, pops up over the grass and into our highway (lane). It wasn’t even a car next to me. It was a car going the opposite way,” Lock said. “(I) Slammed on the brakes, dodged the tire. Right as the tire went behind me, I turn around the bolt hits.”

(credit: TrooperBenKHP/Twitter)

“I don’t know how in the world the bolt stays on the tire from four lanes over, grass, pops over, then hits the car. It was pretty freaky,” Lock finished as he gave the sign of the cross on himself.

Lock, nor anyone else, was reportedly hurt.

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Kansas State Patrol ended up responding to the ordeal. They captured the unusual circumstances on social media.

“I was extremely scared. I took a moment there to kind of like realize what happened, how severe it could have been,” Lock said. “Props to the people there helping me.”

He went on to say the ordeal changed his plans slightly.

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“I went home to Kansas City and had a few more dinners with the family and relaxed a bit for a couple of days because that was… that was a little intense.”

Danielle Chavira