By Makenzie O'Keefe

DENVER (CBS4)– If you’re someone with a return-to-work date looming over your head, you might be a little anxious about leaving the comfort of your home and heading back to a work environment that has a lot of uncertainties. Re-establishing the routine may take some time, from having to wake up a little earlier, dealing with more traffic on your morning commute or even figuring out how to leave your pet at home during work hours.

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Jen Jackson, assistant program manager, licensed clinical social worker and licensed addiction at the Mental Health Center of Denver, says people are putting a lot of pressure on themselves with expectations while heading into this “new normal.”

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“I feel that people are nervous of expectations from others and judgments of others, and I think we need to understand that the judgments and expectations we have are self-imposed,” Jackson explained. “So remember to be gentle with yourself as we reintegrate.”

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Jackson said it’s important to remember that if you’re feeling anxious about what’s to come, you’re not alone.

“I think validation on normalization in this regard is going to go a really long way. We are all having a really normal reaction to a long series of abnormal events,” she explained. “And having a buddy system, chatting with that coworker ‘Hey how are you feeling’ and I promise you nobody is alone in this. Nobody has it figured out.”

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Makenzie O'Keefe