COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials enlisted the help of the U.S. Army to relocate a 750 lb. moose in Colorado Springs. The moose appeared last week on a golf course along Highway 115.

(credit: CPW)

CPW manager Cody Wigner decided the best plan was to try and move the moose away from the busy area. A team of a dozen wildlife officials tracked the moose for hours, but couldn’t catch it.

At one point, the moose crossed the highway and was spotted on Fort Carson. CPW reached out to the Fort Carson Conservation Law Enforcement team to help track the moose and tranquilize it.

(credit: CPW)

The joint operation took more than five hours. Once tranquilized, the moose ran and fell into a creek. CPW shared videos of wildlife officials and Army officers holding the moose to keep it from drowning.

They rolled the moose onto a tarp and carried it out of the creek to a front-end loader from Fort Carson Range Control.

“The Army loader hauled the moose up a steep embankment to a waiting CPW trailer where it was assessed, revived from the tranquilizer and given a shower to cool off and lower its stress levels,” stated CPW on Twitter. “Then it was taken to the mountains and released in a more appropriate habitat.”

Wigner thanked the Fort Carson service members for helping rescue the moose from a bad situation to send it back into the wild.