BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman happened to be at the top of a high mountain pass when a “random couple” got engaged. Laura Jeanne happily snapped a few photos of the moments after the proposal, took down a number, and offered to send them the pictures. But something went wrong and Jeanne is hoping someone can help her find the couple.

(credit: Laura Jeanne)

“When you are at the top of a mountain and a random couple gets engaged,” Jeanne wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, July 7. She checked in at Hoosier Pass. It’s a 11,542-foot pass that runs through Park and Summit counties.

“I put their contact in my phone but with service or something, I have no idea, it did not save and I have no idea how to find them!!!!!!” Jeanne wrote.
Jeanne said she believes the couple was visiting from Boston.
She’s hoping people will share the photos and someone will recognize the happy couple.

Anica Padilla