By Jesse Sarles

PUEBLO, Colo. (CBS4) – The police department in Pueblo has released bodycam video of a tense situation last week that ended peacefully and with a bit of comic relief. Sgt. Greg Bowen engaged in an impromptu dance-off with a suspect outside a downtown convenience store on June 30.

Bowen had responded to the store to help a fellow officer with a man who was loitering in the parking lot. The man didn’t want to leave, and for some reason he began dancing.

That’s when Bowen made a deal with the suspect. According to the Pueblo Police Department, he said “Look, if I beat you in a dance contest, will you leave?” and the man agreed.

What followed would have been pretty confusing to watch if you were a bystander. Each man, suspect and officer, showed off their dance moves.

Bowen is a good dancer. (He was even a contestant in an event called Dancing With the Pueblo Starz a few years ago.) His moves were apparently too much for the suspect, who just walked away after that.

“He knew that the scene belonged to a superior dancer,” Pueblo police wrote in a Facebook post.

Luckily, the bodycam footage from another officer captured the dance-off. Police released it to the public on Wednesday, with a few minor edits for the audience’s enjoyment that “add a little spice,” according to police.

Jesse Sarles