DENVER (CBS4) — Some Colorado students are just weeks away from returning to the classroom, and now the state has a plan to bring kids back and keep COVID out. The plan for COVID testing in schools is expected to cost more than $170 million.

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Joanna Rosa Saenz has three kids enrolled in Denver Public Schools. She’s says the state’s new plan to provide free weekly testing for Colorado’s 900,000 students crosses the line.

“Why do they think they know what’s best for our children?” Saenz said. “To mesh medical with school, I think, is wrong.”

(credit: CBS)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says more than $173 million has been allocated by the federal government for COVID testing in schools.

Dr. Whitney Kennedy, a family physician and DPS parent, says the goal should be getting kids back into the classroom safely.

“There has been such a mental health crisis in our children, and I think it’s essential that we get them back in a normal routine,” said Kennedy.

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Dr. Kennedy believes testing is one option, especially for young students who are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

“I think that testing is our best next step if vaccination is not available,” Dr. Kennedy said.

With the start of a new school year on the horizon, some parents say it’s time for the state to take their concerns into consideration.

“If we, as the parents, trust our teachers and trust the school board to educate them, they need to trust us as parents that we are going to do the same,” said Saenz.