By Michael Spencer

Former Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh joined CBS4 sports anchor Michael Spencer on Monday for Xfinity Monday Live to discuss a variety of topics, including the Rockies recent run of success with a series win over the St. Louis Cardinals this past weekend at Coors Field, including a dramatic walk-off win in Sunday’s series finale.

(CBS4) – “The walk-offs are a good sign. It shows they have some fight in them late in the game,” said Jason Hirsh.

The Rockies won Sunday’s game and Thursday’s game on walk-off hits by Elias Diaz.

“The idea that those guys are still battling, even this team that is not playing very well overall, the idea that those young guys are out there and are continuing to battle means they’re not throwing anything away. For a young team, you can certainly build momentum.”

The Rockies have 31 wins at Coors Field, which as of Monday, was tied for the most in the major leagues. The issue has been away from Coors Field, where the Rockies have a 6-31 record, the worst road record in Major League Baseball.

“They’ve got to find ways to generate offense on the road. The pitching staff is another piece to scratch your head at. It’s just trying to find some rhythm on the road when they’re in these foreign ballparks,” said Hirsh.

Now that the calendar has turned to July, one of the biggest topics surrounding the Rockies will be what to do with Trevor Story. Story is a free agent after this season, and could walk for nothing if the Rockies don’t trade him before the July 31 trade deadline.

“They need to get something for him while they can,” said Hirsh.

“I don’t think Trevor has the want to stay at Coors Field. He sees the direction the organization is going. Getting a change of scenery might be a good thing for him, and for the Rockies, if they can land some prospects, somebody they can build this organization off of, absolutely get as much as you can for him right now while his value is high.”

Michael Spencer