By Jennifer McRae

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. (CBS4)– A recent graduate of Swallows Charter Academy in Pueblo West said her senior photo was removed and replaced without her permission. The photo Laney Sorensen said she submitted to the yearbook showed her wearing a crop top with a Pride flag around her shoulders.

According to the school’s yearbook policy, “appropriate dress” is required and staff can remove photos if they deem inappropriate.

Sorensen believes her photo was singled out, “There were two or three photos had female classmates in dress-code violating clothing but they decided to keep those in and not mine.”

The yearbook director admits other photos in the yearbook should have also been omitted due to dress code violations but weren’t.

Sorensen said she didn’t find out about the replacement photo until graduation day, “I genuinely think it was because of the Pride flag.”

Jennifer McRae