JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– There were two hot air balloon crashes on Father’s Day in Colorado, one at Chatfield State Park and the other at Roxborough Park, both happened about the same time Sunday morning. One of the balloons landed unexpectedly in a field near Chatfield Swim Beach.

(credit: CBS)

The second plunged into the water and then finally landed along the foothills near Roxborough Park. There were injuries among passengers in both balloons that crashed.

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For Mike and Melonie Lombardi, it was to be a special 12th-anniversary gift… a balloon ride. But as they prepared to launch at Chatfield Reservoir, all was not well.

“They were saying that the air conditions weren’t quite right and we probably shouldn’t go up,” said Melonie.

But a few minutes later they were told it was better and went up. All was OK until they got higher and then there was a strong wind.

(credit: Melonie Lombardi)

Video from the Lombardis’ phones picks up the pilot telling those on board, “Chances are we are going to have a pretty rough landing so we ask you to secure your cameras as we come in.”

They weren’t the only ones, another balloon was in trouble, too. Denny Behm shot video as that other balloon crashed.

“They just hit the ground and scraped the ground a little bit and somebody fell out at that point,” said Brehm.

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Mike Lombardi saw the same from the balloon he was in, “We saw one lady fall out, do numerous cartwheels over and over and over again… other people were falling out of the basket as well.”

(credit: Danny Brehm)

The balloon he and his wife were in then plunged beneath the water.

“And he had some people in back and sides of us come on top of us and somehow he got us under there… for 20 seconds or so it was pretty terrifying.”

They emerged from the water finally landing near Roxborough Park.

(credit: CBS)

What did they think?

Melonie said, “My kids, my husband, the other people.”

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Her husband Mike adding, “We’re alive, we’re alive.”

Rick Sallinger