DENVER (CBS4) – A roofers job is never easy and when you add a heat wave that can make it almost unbearable.

“On a hot normal summer day you can actually see it up to 176 degrees. Now a day like today here, I could see at least a 100 degrees more than what the temperature will be today so possibly up to 200 degrees!” said Mathew Stojak, General Manager with Interstate Roofing.

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(credit: CBS)


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Part of the reason the roof is so sweltering is the black felt that has to be put down before the shingles go on. This can absorb up to 90% of the solar rays, converting it to heat and forcing temperatures to unbelievable levels.

Stojak says safety is key.

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“We’re trying to keep them like you said as hydrated as possible. So we’re bringing in extra water, we’ve always got a cooler here. We’ve got our tents and easy ups here.” said Stojak.

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera