ROUTT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A newborn fawn was spotted without its mother — but it wasn’t alone! Kally May discovered the tiny fawn with her horses on a ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs on Wednesday.

(credit: Kally May)

May captured a photo of one of the horses inspecting the unexpected guest.

The three horses seemed to stand by as the youngster found its footing.

(credit: Kally May)

Wildlife officials said to leave the fawn there and the mom should return later.

May followed the rules and “let it be,” as recommended by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

And the fawn didn’t stray too far.

(credit: Kally May)

“The fawn’s mama came back this morning!” May wrote on Thursday.

“It’s a very happy ending,” said Shannon Lukens with Steamboat Radio.