DENVER (CBS4) – The first summer-style heat wave of the season starts Thursday and continues into the weekend. The warmest weather since last September will grip Denver and the Front Range.

The metro area started the week with cloudy, cool, and wet weather on Memorial Day followed by drier and warmer weather on Tuesday and Wednesday. The warmup will accelerate on Thursday and Friday with high temperatures climbing into the 80s before chance for the first 90 degree temperature of the year on Saturday.

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(source: CBS)

The warmest temperature so far this year in Denver is 86 degrees which was achieved twice in early May. So, Friday should become the new warmest day so far this year with a high of at least 87 degrees in the metro area. Even hotter weather will be found on the Western Slope with some areas near Grand Junction approaching 100 degrees for the first time this year.

(source: CBS)

Some of that hotter weather will move east into the metro area Saturday which should result in high temperatures reaching at least 90 degrees on Saturday assuming there isn’t too much cloud cover.

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(source: CBS)

The average date for the first 90 degree temperature of the year in Denver is June 10.  So if it happens Saturday, it will be somewhat earlier than normal.

(source: CBS)

Also on Saturday, a slim chance for late day thunderstorms will return to Denver and the Front Range. A slightly better chance for develop on Sunday.

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Meteorologist Ashton Altieri