By Anica Padilla
EAGLE, Colo. (CBS4) — A man was driving south of Eagle when a duck and her ducklings crossed his path. Kyle Hoiland said he stopped on Brush Creek Road to let them pass — but another car was approaching the ducks from the other direction. Hoiland said he waved out the car window and was able to alert the other driver.

(credit Kyle Hoiland)

The other driver slowed and stopped, allowing the family to cross the road safely.
After the ducks made it to the other side, Hoiland said the oncoming driver gave him a big thumbs up for his effort.
That’s when Hoiland recognized the driver as CBS4 Anchor Jim Benemann.
Benemann joked that it was “wild” to come across the duck family in the middle of nowhere, and he was grateful to Hoiland for having slowed him down to a stop.

Anica Padilla