By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4)– Across The U.S., just under 40% of people are fully vaccinated. In Colorado, nearly 43% of people are fully vaccinated, and 51% of the population has had at least one dose.

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While those numbers may sound good, there’s hope that even more Coloradans will get vaccinated. With states like Ohio offering massive incentives, like a $1 million lottery for vaccine recipients, some Coloradans are asking, “Why don’t we?”

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Colorado is considering creative options to encourage people to get vaccinated. One of them includes a lottery system for people who get the shot. While a lottery could help convince unvaccinated Coloradans, Georgieanna Roybal says her mind is made up.

“The money would be nice, but I’m just not interested in getting it,” Roybal said.

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Gov. Jared Polis’ Office released a statement to CBS4 about the potential for a lottery: “Colorado is currently considering a variety of options to encourage more people to get vaccinated. Additionally, Colorado is closely following what other states are doing to encourage vaccinations, including Maryland and Ohio’s statewide lotteries for vaccinated residents. Colorado has provided a few incentives to vaccinated individuals already, including partnerships with radio stations that give out free state park passes.”

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With less than half of the state’s population fully immunized, the push to get people signed up continues. Dr. Dan Pastula, Neuro-Infectious Disease Physician with UCHealth, says the more people that get vaccinated, the better.

“I think a lot of different organizations and states have gotten creative with having incentives as vaccination rates have slowed, certain states have offered free beer, other states have offered lotteries,” said Dr. Pastula. “United Airlines just came out with news that if you’re vaccinated, you’re entered into a lottery to win a free flight anywhere.”

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But some people still have mixed feelings about a lottery as an incentive.

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“If people knew this was coming, they might hold off on getting the vaccine until it did come, and that would potentially cause detrimental rates,” Josh Ladd said.

Andrea Flores