By Anica Padilla

DENVER – Colorado Avalanche Captain Gabriel Landeskog answered the question that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue — what happened to his nose? In a news conference on Monday, Landeskog explained how it came up recently in a conversation with his teammate, Andre Burakovsky.

“I was actually sitting at breakfast yesterday with Burky and he made a observation that he was just staring at me, and I was looking at him, I’m like ‘What are you looking at?’ and he’s like, ‘Your nose is super crooked lately.'”

Landeskog noted that having a couple scratches didn’t help the appearance.

Denver Post Reporter Mike Chambers pointed out that Landeskog was starting to resemble other hockey pros such as Ian Laperrière and Adam Foote.

“Is it broken and are you able to breathe OK and everything?” Chambers asked.

“Yeah, I’m able to breathe all right,” Landeskog said. “It actually happened last year, at the end of the season last year, right before the COVID break in Detroit, I broke my nose and tried to set it back, we couldn’t really get it back to neutral.”

Landeskog said it’s something he’ll deal with after the season — or after he retires.

“We’ll see.”

Anica Padilla