(CBS) – The Neighborhood is back with a new episode titled “Welcome To The Invasion” tonight at 8:00PM ET/PT on CBS and streaming with Paramount+.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to The Neighborhood’s Sheaun McKinney and Marcel Spears ahead of tonight’s episode to discuss working with icons like Cedric The Entertainer and Tichina Arnold, acting without a crowd and what viewers can expect tonight!

MW: Hey guys, nice to see you today! The Neighborhood is a few season in now but I’m sure filming this season was very different than the first two. Was there anything that you’ve picked up during this that you think will be beneficial moving forward?

SM: That’s an interesting question. I think for me and maybe Marcel as well, we both come from the stage, so we have a live audience. For me that added something. I guess not having the live audience probably made me tune in a little bit more. But I personally missed a live audience.

MS: I did too. Man, it was weird. It’s interesting, because without the live audience you have for most of the week, just the crew. They’ve heard the script a million times. They heard it at the table read, they heard it every day at rehearsal. By the time we get to shooting, they’re kind of over it. It’s a tough crowd. [Laughs]

We do have some laughers to give us that sense, the humor, the timing of it, but it’s been weird. I will say this, working on a multicam is probably the best schedule you ever have in TV. Not having to do the live audience shows, which sometimes can go late into the evening, has been an interesting little bonus during this quarantine situation. I’m sure my castmates that have kids would appreciate that and agree.

MW: Speaking of the cast I know you all get along so well like a real family. What is it about this group that makes everyone click so well?

SM: I always think it starts at the top. Generally speaking, when you work on something and probably in any medium in life, wherever you work, if the person at the top is really humble, like Cedric is, it’s going to jump down.

He’s going to set a tone that if I’m like this, you would have no reason not to be. Cedric is the nicest dude you will ever meet. I think we all just all genuinely like each other, like Marcel and I clicked the moment we met. I have so much admiration and respect for everybody in the cast.

MS: I think in Hollywood, especially in this business, you hear so many horror stories about feuds onset and people pretending to like each other for camera but when it’s all said and done they go their own way. I’m just I’m so grateful and honored and blessed that we do not have that kind of vibe on the show.

It’s one of those moments that a little bit of luck, a little bit of a blessing, and a little bit of everybody on our show just wants to make good TV and wants to provide for their families and really enjoy making the show that we’re making.

MW: What was it like when you got that call and you found out you were going to be on a show with Cedric?

MS: Yo, it was insane because people don’t know this. Me and Sheaun got cast first. Me and Sheaun got cast in the show before Cedric was attached, before Tachina, before Max and Beth. I was just happy to have a job. I had just gotten off a show that got canceled very abruptly. I was like, dang, what do I do? What’s going to happen to me?

Me and Sheaun met and at our final audition I was just like, alright, this is a good vibe, this is happening. I don’t know if you texted me or if you called me, but one when they announced that Cedric was going to be part of the show. Sheaun was like, yeah, man, we’re going to get picked up. [Laughs]

SM: Yeah, we’re going to be alright. What Marcel is leaving out is that he and I read for the same role. We read for his role and Marcel got the part. Then they asked me to come in and read for the older brother. I got it and I told him like, yo, man, I guess I will see you on set.

Then when I saw that Cedric joined the show I texted Marcel, I was like, do you see who’s playing our father? I couldn’t believe it. Then Tachina as well, because we watched Tachina every night on Martin. We grew up watching Cedric. Sometimes it’s still surreal.

MS: Yeah, 100%.

MW: It’s like a cheat code. You found out you got Cedric and knew you were getting picked up.

SM: Absolutely.

MS: It’s bananas. Cedric and Tachina. The weight that they carry just in this business. Once they said that Cedric was going to play our dad, I feel like my mom was actually proud of me for the first time being an actor. [laughs] She was like, my son is doing good. Like, you’re doing alright.

MW: [Laughs] Absolutely! So what can viewers expect from tonight’s new episode?

MS: Without sharing too much, Marty is encouraged to step out there and just put himself out there. Like, a lot of millennials are using these dating apps. Things go horribly awry in this episode.

SM: That happens sometimes in life. You know what I mean? These apps can lead you to believe that you can be somebody that you’re not. You learn a valuable lesson. [laughs]

MW: Looking forward it! Thanks so much for the time today guys and all the best moving forward!

SM: Thanks, Matt.

MS: Thank you!

The Neighborhood returns with an all-new episode tonight at 8:00PM ET/PT on CBS or streaming with Paramount+. Check your local listings for more information.