By Raetta Holdman

DENVER (CBS4) – Pfizer is asking for full FDA approval for its COVID-19 vaccine. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said that should only make us more confident in the vaccine during his weekly question and answer session on CBSN Denver.

Hnida explained for emergency use authorization, companies need about two months of pretty solid information and data. To get full approval, companies need at least 6 months worth of data.

“That’s where we we are right now,” he said. “We do see, once again, it’s very safe and it’s very effective. I think that you really can’t look at this being an experimental vaccine anymore. Anybody who says after authorization that is really still experimental, it just is not the case.”

Hnida also said the full authorization gives employers, schools, universities and even the military more leeway to make getting vaccinated a requirement since the vaccine is no longer considered experimental.

Raetta Holdman