By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) – On Saturday in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood, it seemed like a small group of people was getting ready for a small quiet event. They decorated their cars quietly for a “votercade.” A motorcade to promote voting rights in the United States.

It was Organized by APIA Votes Colorado, an Asian and Pacific Islander group which advocates for voting rights.

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Their Executive Director, Giselle Rushford, laid out their plan.

(credit: CBS)

“We will drive slow towards the capital and then come back here.”

That quiet, laid back attitude they started with wouldn’t last long. When they got moving, you could hear their honks and screams from blocks away.

“We’re going to make a lot of noise,” warned Rushford.

She says they organized this demonstration because they feel like people’s right to vote is under attack.

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“There are over 360 initiatives and laws that are trying to be passed around the country even in Colorado,” she said.

One person who showed up to show support was Blaine Baggao with his food truck “Adobo.” He says people should be able to participate in democracy if they are eligible.

(credit: CBS)

“I think everybody’s voice is important and that confidence that everybody knows that their voice matters is a very important thing,” he said.

While they demonstrated all over downtown, they did so under the watchful gaze of late-Congressman John Lewis, who dedicated his life to ensuring all Americans could vote.

Rushford says she thinks Lewis would appreciate their efforts.

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“He is probably sad that we still have to do it, but he is happy that we are doing it,” she said.

Michael Abeyta