COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Wildlife officials in Colorado Springs released a young bear back into the wild on Thursday after it ended up in a tree along a busy street in the eastern part of the downtown area. Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimates the bear is about 3 to 4 years old.

(credit: CPW SE Region)

Officials say a crowd on onlookers formed around the bear, which prompted the rescue.

“This bear did nothing wrong. It’s unfortunate the bear couldn’t be left alone to wander off,” CPW said in a tweet.

(credit: CPW SE Region)

Wildlife officers had to dart the bear to sedate it. The bear fell from the tree before the tranquillizer took effect, causing the bear to hop up after it hit the ground. Officers quickly retreated and waited for the drugs to take effect.

(credit: CPW SE Region)

“Once it was safe to approach, the bear was muzzled and hobbled,” stated CPW. “The cinnamon-colored black bear was then carried by CPW officers to a waiting trailer. There they assessed its body weight and health, administered eye moisturizer, removed the hobbles and reversed the tranquilizer.”

CPW said the bear had to be ear-tagged. If it ever causes a problem around humans again, officers say it will have to be euthanized. Wildlife officers plan to release the bear in the mountains.

Audra Streetman