DENVER(CBS)- The new, weekly Drought Monitor Map is out. The news is good for the Front Range but not for the rest of the state. Take a look at the maps below. The top map is from last week and the bottom one is from this week. The only significant change is along the Northern Front Range of Colorado.

Drought Map from the week of April 15th. Maps are released every Thursday by the Drought Mitigation Center. Credit: CBS4

The Denver metro area into Jefferson County and down into Douglas County has dropped from severe/moderate to moderate only. The big news this week is a pocket from the foothills of Larimer county west of Fort Collins down to northeast Boulder county has dropped completely out of any drought category! So for now, the grey blob in that area means the snow and rain of the last few months has knocked out the drought in that spot.

Updated Drought Map 4/22/21 Credit: CBS4

Unfortunately, most of the Eastern Plains remains in moderate to severe conditions with extreme to exceptional for most of the Western Slope. So no change there.

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera