PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – There are 4,035 children in the Colorado foster care system. Each year, about 250 of them age out of the system. Marcus was 17 and knew he was on the verge of leaving the system without a family, but still he agreed to be CBS4’s Wednesday’s Child. That invigorated a glimmer of hope within him.

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“I do remember thinking that there would be an opportunity to change my life,” he told CBS4.

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The story played out at the Urban Farm in Denver, where Marcus got to do something he loves – care for farm animals. Marcus bottle fed baby goats, cuddled, and pet them. CBS4’s Britt Moreno was with him that day several years ago. Those goats made him forget for a short time that he was in foster care and they allowed him to feel at ease and to be open to love. Little did he know that vulnerability and heart shined through the airwaves to a couple who has horses and animals and are passionate about agriculture.

“My mom found me on Wednesday’s Child and showed my Dad and my Dad did not hesitate,” Marcus explained.

“I was just scrolling Facebook, and it popped up,” said Melissa, Marcus’s soon-to-be mom. “It just spoke to me because he wanted to be on property. He wanted to have dogs. He wanted to have horses, and to have the ranch life. And we have that lifestyle.”

Marcus’s mother messaged Moreno who then got her in touch with the good folks over at Raise the Future and a match was made! Marcus was adopted at 17.

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“He jumped in with the horses. He started leading around the minis (horses), which we really don’t do,” Melissa recalled.

Marcus got more than just the ranch life, he got the family life too. People who will care when it’s a special day.

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“Happy Birthday,” Melissa said. “Yea, Happy Birthday,” Jeremy added on a zoom call with Marcus while CBS4 was there.

“What are your parents like?” Moreno asked.

“They are very supportive, encouraging in a lot of ways. I look up to my Dad, a lot,” Marcus replied.

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Together they’ve competed in horse riding, they’ve traveled, and they’ve gone to some pro-ball games. Now Marcus is in college, and Melissa and Jeremy are focused on helping him sort through the adult life.

“He’s looking at an internship this summer, so we’re talking jobs, we’re talking apartment, we’re talking cars, we’re talking bills, we’re talking real life…real world scenario stuff,” Jeremy explained. “One of the conversations we’ve had is you’ve always got a place to come back home to.”

“If wasn’t for my family, now, that is pushing me, motivating me and have been by my side through everything, I wouldn’t be here today. They saved my life in multiple ways,” he said.

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Every year, CBS4 hosts A Day 4 Wednesday’s Child to raise money and awareness of the good work being done by Raise the Future. Tune in to CBS4 on Wednesday, April 14th for Day 4 Wednesday’s Child. You can make a donation at, text FUTURE to 41444, or call (303) 755-4756.