PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Raise the Future now provides Family Support Services in all 64 Colorado counties. Part of those services is classes in Trust-Based Relational Intervention, which is a caregiver model proven to help youth with trauma histories and their families heal. In a survey, 94-percent of respondents said that the training made positive changes for their families.

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Emily is one of those parents. She adopted Valerie when she was four-years-old.

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“I fell in love with her almost instantly,” Emily told CBS4.

But in the last 5-years, Emily has been faced with some difficult behaviors. She describes the two of them as battling on nearly a daily basis.

“We did so many services for so many years, and in the last six months, it has completely changed our relationship and the way we function at home,” Emily explained.

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Emily found the Family Support Services at Raise the Future. She took the Trust-Based Relational Interventions classes, and got in-home coaching with a counselor.

“I learned that a lot of what we were dealing with at home was sensory related,” she said.

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She also learned how to manage Valerie through her difficult times, as opposed to just trying to stop the behavior.

“I think the interventions, and the strategies I learned helped us to maintain a relationship even when things were challenging,” Emily added.

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Valerie is a precocious, 9-year-old, with a lot of personality. This new approach to dealing with the trauma that she suffered has made a world of difference for her too.

“She is more confident. She is kinder to herself. She’s changed the narrative in what she speaks about herself,” Emily said.

One narrative that hasn’t changed for Valerie is the importance of adoption from foster care.

“You can have people to watch you, and care for you. And you don’t always have to be alone,” Valerie told CBS4.

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Libby Smith