ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Raise the Future works to bring permanency to children living in foster care. Permanency is not always adoption, it can be mentorship or guardianship.

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When Jason, 14, needed a new home, his case manager looked to his past.

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“We got a call one day from the county saying that someone we knew from our past was needing a place to live,” explained Josey, Jason’s new guardian. “And we said, ‘Yes’, right away.”

While Josey and Ian had helping in their hearts, bringing a new teenager into their family was a big transition.

“It was wonderful, but it was a challenge for sure,” Ian told CBS4.

Raise the Future was there every step of the way. Cathy was the family’s Raise the Future navigator.

“She helped us understand the kids, with the new dynamic of three teenagers in the home,” Josey explained. “She was a great, great bit of wisdom for me.”

Josey also took Trust-Based Relational Intervention, or TBRI classes through Raise the Future.

“I did not understand the kind of trauma that Jason has been through as a little guy, and I did not always understand his reactions to things. And those classes really helped me to understand him,” Josey said.

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The transition was huge for Jason too.

“Everything in Jason’s life, literally everything, changed in one day,” Ian explained.

“It was very strange at first,” Jason said.

He had to learn the rules of a new house.

“One thing that kind of hit me was like responsibilities, like duties that you have to do, like making my bed was a huge one,” Jason explained.

It’s been a year since Jason came into their home, and the family is doing great.

“We’re becoming closer as a family, and things are just natural now,” Josey said.

And Jason is thriving.

“It was a gift from God. It’s a miracle that I have such a good family,” Jason added.

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Libby Smith