By Michael Spencer

DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Broncos offensive lineman Dalton Risner joined CBS4 Sports anchor Michael Spencer for Xfinity Monday Live this week. Risner, who is training in Dallas, mixed up his off-season workout programs in hopes of improving his game heading into year three.

(credit: CBS)

“Being out here in Dallas was a big move for me just making sure I work out with new guys, push myself and never get complacent, so this move has been great for me so far,” said Risner.

“I see so many things where I’m like, ‘Man, I want to clean that up,’” he added. “Footwork, finishing on my blocks, consistency, those are the things I’m really trying to work on as well as strength and speed, and staying in shape.”

(credit: CBS)

The Broncos have made plenty of moves in free agency on the defensive side of the ball, and Risner is excited about the upcoming season.

“It’s exciting. It’s great to see us make these moves. The defensive side of the ball is looking stacked. I know we have the talent to be successful, I think on the offensive side of the ball, it’s more about execution, comradery as an offensive, and making sure that we work together to be more successful. I’m so excited to get ready to play again and have a successful season.”

Michael Spencer